Detangling From Anxiety


It’s time To cut the STRINGS and FIND out how it feels to be calm, centred, confident and excited about your life!

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Anxiety is often the pink elephant in the room that no-one wants to admit they have or talk about.

People go around saying “Im just so stressed” like its a badge of honour, but what is stress but anxiety by another name.

You are not alone in this, anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia with 1 out of 7 adults experiencing an anxiety type disorder. Women are more likely than men to suffer from anxiety and out of those with the condition only 40% get help.

And no admitting you have anxiety does not mean you’re crazy! It is actually a normal physiological response to a stressor.

Anxiety is a survival response.

It gives you everything you need in order to fight, flight or freeze to deal with life threatening stimuli.

We need to reframe the way we look at anxiety…. it is not a weakness.

In fact tough people have anxiety and back in the caveman days, if you did not have a survival response to a stressor you would die!

But in todays’ society where we have less life threatening stress and more annoying stress this response is not really needed in the way it manifests. However your body does not understand the difference… not yet anyway :)

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Regain control and feel energised.

End the cycle of being tired all the time and needing quick “pick me ups”

Anxiety can often leave you feel drained and tired because your mind is constantly on the go. You are stressing about all the things you need to achieve in the day and often your mind replays lists of everything you need to get done. But instead of organising you it is constantly pressuring you and reminding you how far behind you are in your goals, how you are failing and making you feel like you are drowning.

Once you are done procrastinating to pick yourself up what do you do?

  • You dive into a coffee first thing in the morning and then multiple times during the day to keep going.

  • You have a slump in energy in the afternoon and seek out a sugary chocolate fix that undoes your healthy eating- leaving you feeling worse later on.

There are better ways of managing this and keeping your mind in check

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End the self doubt and fear that you are not enough

So you can feel confident and see how worthy and amazing you are

Reduce limiting beliefs and fear that you are not enough and feel empowered to embrace who you are and shine your light. 

Anxiety can trick us into thinking that we are not enough, that we are going to fail, that everyone else has it together and there is something wrong with us.

It makes you conjure up stories in your mind and then convinces you they are real. And often these stories are more negative in tone. It makes you doubt yourself, makes your heart race and mind flurry so it is difficult to hold onto a single thought.

Stop the need to gain  approval and validation from others about your choices and feelings so you can feel confident in yourself and proud of where you are AND who you are. 

End the nights of lying awake reliving conversations and situations you wish went better during the day

Discover what its like to have your thoughts settle and fall asleep with ease.

When you can’t fall asleep it can feel like the most frustrating thing in the world & you will try just about anything to get the ZZZZ.

  • You often reach for a few glasses of wine at night to take the edge off your day, so you can fall asleep.

  • You dive into that delicious chocolate/ice-cream in the evening because you deserve it and it makes you feel better.

  • You binge watch Netflix/Youtube clips trying to distract your brain; it may keep it occupied for awhile, but it doesn’t make you tired & fall asleep any easier.

You can fall asleep with ease and wake up refreshed- I CAN SHOW YOU HOW


So How Do We Untangle This Mess?

  • By working on the mind, body and belief systems the are keeping you trapped in this loop

  • By looking at what factors are contributing to this picture- what are your particular stressors (and stressors can be anything from food, to thoughts etc)

  • Once identified we can manage them and also support the body to deal with the response

  • By finding healthy outlets for this pent up energy and managing it

Can a program really help me?

For change to occur you need a plan and that’s what a program does for you.

What you get in the 12 week Program

  • 1 hr initial consultation to cover your health holistically- it will help find out what might be contributing to your anxiety and what you need to address it (in person or via zoom) - value $100

    • If herbal liquids are required in the first consultation they are FREE (1 x 200ml bottles only)- Value $40

  • 6 x 30min follow up consultations (in person or via zoom)- value $300

  • Weekly meditations - value $200

  • 7 day mindfulness chart - value $5

  • 7 day food Food & Mood diary - value $5

  • ebook on anxiety - value $10

  • Weekly emails on content/information to go over - value $ 450

Structure of the programs’ weekly content:

  • Week 1: What is anxiety and what might be contributing to me having it ?

  • Week 2: What is the gut mind connection & how might it have a role?

  • Week 3:  Importance of settling the mind and challenging limiting beliefs/thoughts,

  • Week 4: Find your healthy outlet for pent up energy and frustration- your own self care

  • Week 5: Importance of sleep and how to obtain quality amounts of it

  • Week 6: How does exercise/ body movement help aka. moving meditation

  • Week 7: Reflection, what is the purpose of this inner dialogue? 

  • Week 8: What are my safety nets/supports?

  • Week 9: Why are affirmations important? 

  • Week 10: Make your outer and inner world match

  • Week 11: The mind that likes patterns and how can we rewire that

  • Week 12: Trust yourself and your intuition

NB: supplements, herbal liquids, flower essences or diet changes may be prescribed and these are not included in the program cost with the exception of liquid herbs prescribed in the initial consultation.

VALUE $1110

But you get all this for the Special offer

of $700

Detangling from Anxiety Program
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This 12 week program will help you detangle from anxiety and rediscover what it feels like to be calm, centred and excited about your life.

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