JSE stands for “Journey of Self- Empowerment”

And that is exactly what I aim to do for you.

Empower you on your journey to better health.

As you may know trying to achieve better health is not a linear process. It is a journey with ups and downs and sometimes you even feel stuck on a plateau not moving anywhere. But the right support can lead you to your intended destination and I can be that support that helps you attain it.

JSE health was born out of a desire to help others achieve vitality not just the absence of disease and to live the best life possible. 

Holistic health Coffs Harbour Courtney Dixon
Meet Courtney Dixon JSE Health Coffs Harbour

Meet Courtney

(BPharm, GradDipClinPharm, AdvDipNat, Mindd Qualified Practitioner, MSHPA, Member of ANTA)

You are more than what you let yourself believe .

There has been so much self doubt and questioning of yourself. That you don’t see what you are fully capable of. You have put yourself second to others so much that you don’t see your intrinsic value and what you add to the world; how necessary and vital you are. And the positive impact you can make . You feel almost like you are atoning for something in your past and deserve to be going through the turmoil you are experiencing. These limiting beliefs don’t serve you and and I’m here to help you realise your truth.

You are not broken

You may convince yourself that because of what has happened to you that you are damaged or broken. You are so much more than the circumstances, situations and diagnosies that you have experienced. These experiences do not define who you are as a person, they were designed to draw out your strength and help you drop any limitations you have placed on yourself. We face challenges to help us realise what we value and the life we want to live. What contribution we make to the world and why we are here. Only you get to decide who you are & only you decide how you will live.


Take your power back

You are far stronger and more resilient than you realise. You are not a victim to your circumstances, genes etc. you get to make a choice each and everyday. What will you choose? How is that choice serving you and your goals? When you start to experience symptoms your body is trying to get you back on track. You are not sick, your body is having a response and is trying to get your attention to fix something. And there are things you can do to put yourself in a better healing position for it. You need to believe it is possible and feel that ignition inside yourself. Stop blaming everything around you and look at what you can do now to rectify it. If you want to recover if you want to take charge of your life you need to commit to yourself. You need to be prepared to take action and try something new.

You want a different outcome

If you want something different in your life you need to do something different. Einstein said “ the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” The pattern you have in your life may have served you at some stage to help you survive. But the ways we learnt to survive may not be the ways you want to continue to live. The fact you are reading this means you are looking for a change in your life and that is the first and hardest step. So congratulations to you! I’m in your corner and ready to have your back on this journey. You are already on your way to better health and getting the lifestyle you want to live by looking for another path.

That’s Where I Come in

I have worked in the hospital sector for over 10 years, working both clinically and managing people and projects. I have been involved in so many aspects of health care that I have a well rounded holistic perspective to your health; with the knowledge base to back it up. I specialise in mental health, neurology (brain) and gut health but my skills are not limited to this. I have had my fair share of inner personal challenges that has lead me to the path I am on now providing holistic care as a Naturopath and Pharmacist. I want to share my passion and wealth of knowledge with you because I know you don’t need to live in the uncomfortable space you are in. There are so many better ways you could be feeling and I can help you find your path to get results. Your mental and physical health deserves your care and compassion. It’s time you invested in yourself, looked after yourself and made yourself a priority. It’s not selfish it is necessary! How can you be present in the world for others if you can’t be there for yourself? You need to respect yourself and show others that’s how you get to be treated. You only get one life, one body and one mind, so it’s time you gave it the love and attention it deserves. And I will help support & nurture you every step of the way.


Meet Courtney Dixon JSE Health Coffs Harbour
I believe that every person has a story to tell, a unique set of circumstances, genetic, physical, thought processes and emotional needs that leads them to the health they are currently experiencing. You can’t fix a problem by only adjusting one function you need to look at how everything interplays. If you can’t support the whole person then treatments will fail again and again. Sometimes the problem is not the barrier you think it is.
— Courtney Dixon

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