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Ready to change your health path? I’m excited you have made the choice to improve your health... we can do this :)

If you're not sure which service you would like to book, or what you need to bring with you, head over to the services page for more information. You can also contact me any time here with any questions you might have, I am happy to help :) Otherwise, scroll down and book now!

What can I expect from a consultation?

During a consultation we will have a conversation about your health and I will really get to know you through questioning and listening. We will establish what your goals may be and see how we can work towards them. I may recommend nutritional advice, prescribe herbal remedies, flower essences or supplements. These are in addition to the consultation fee and will depend on the products advised. All products used are high quality practitioner products from reputable companies. Companies that prove their quality assurances, support their products with evidence are organic and/or  source responsibly with environmental impacts in mind. So you know you are getting the best products available. Please also find the initial assessment forms for an adult consultation or child consultation. You can complete this online, email it to me or bring it along to your consultation. Completing this helps me to ensure the time we spend to together is best utilised and so I have a basic understanding of why you are coming to see me. I may also request a 7 day food symptom diary before you book in, particularly if food intolerances are suspected.

What do I need to bring?

Your completed consultation form for yourself or your child. 

Any recent blood test results/pathology and medical letters etc. 

Download the adult consultation form here, and the child consultation form here.